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OneVu – Digital Self-Service Tenant Portal

Using the OneVu product from IEG4, HousingIS has designed a self-service Tenant Portal.
The OneVu Tenant Portal has enabled tenants to:
Submit Online Forms

Submit online forms

They can be forms for any type of request for service, all of which are configurable by non-technical staff within the organisation, e.g.:

  • Application for housing.
  • Application for rent subsidy.
  • Log change of circumstances.
  • Repair request.
  • Complaint e.g. anti-social behavior; abandoned car etc.
  • Request a visit from their housing manager.
Easy Access

Easy access

Access information specific to the tenant, e.g.:
  • Latest account balance and transactions.
  • When the next payment is due.
  • What repairs or upgrades are planned or scheduled for the property.
  • When the next home visit is scheduled.


Access to general information in an organised way according to topic, e.g.:

  • Description of properties.
  • Tenancy rules and regulations.
  • Eligibility for housing and applicant requirements.
  • Waiting times for housing.


View the progress of each request with estimated completion times for each step.
Respond Quickly

Respond quickly

Respond online to any requests made by the housing provider for further information.


The functionality provided by the OneVu Tenant Portal on any device splits into 4 main areas:


Simple client account creation by:
  1. Using an email address/password and email confirmation.
  2. Using a social network sign in e.g. Google, Facebook, Microsoft.

Easy access

Online client area where tenants can:
  1. Submit new requests for service.
  2. View service requests in progress (facilities are provided to save requests for later and to view partially completed forms).
  3. View completed forms.
  4. Search for / view all forms provided. – view a history of all submissions
  5. Pre-populate the online forms that tenants complete. using the data captured when tenants create their account.
  6. Track the progress of a tenant request or application including the ability to:
    • View the current stage of the process.
    • See requests for information from the housing organisation.
  7. Upload evidence/documentation that has been requested in support of an online service that is complete and being assessed by the housing organisation.


Digital workflow engine to allow:
  1. Staff to set up stages of all service requests e.g. for a housing application the steps might be:
    • Reviewing the form
    • Checking any evidence
    • Making a decision
      • In turn, this can be seen by clients to track the progress of their request.
  2. Request information from the client, which is instantly available in the client’s account meaning staff could technically remove paper-based requests for information entirely across all services.

One view

Customer Services View

This allows customer services staff to:

  1. Search for existing customers / tenants.
  2. Register customers / tenants.
  3. Access client accounts and back office information without needing to login to the back-office housing management transactional system.
  4. Log calls and contacts by service area and by type within that area.
  5. View contact history.
  6. Add note by department / type.
  7. Authenticate a customer for a department on their behalf.
  8. Provide answers on progress tracking.

This functionality ensures that, irrespective of the channel of access, all contacts are held in one place.

Download the OneVu brochure

If you would like more information of OneVu and also get a copy of the brochure, please fill out the form.

OneVu for Councils

OneVu for Housing Organisations


A feature of the OneVu Tenant Portal is Request-a-Repair.

What is it?

Request-a-Repair is a web-based, interactive software application, designed to enable people with limited maintenance knowledge to quickly identify and log repair requests over the Internet.

It can be used by tenants and non-technical staff who handle service requests.

Using an extensive suite of quality diagrams, the application makes the process of requesting a repair simple, easy and accurate.


  1. Enables tenants and staff to quickly identify and log repair requests via the Compass web site.
  2. Interactive and visual with minimal text.
  3. High quality repair diagrams – point, click and select.
  4. Easy to use for people with limited maintenance knowledge.
  5. Improves accuracy work requests.
  6. Enables tenants to make informed decisions about repairs and maintenance. (Note this is a Performance Outcome (2c) of the National Regulatory System for Community Housing).

Download Request-a-Repair brochure

If you would like more information of Request-A-Repair and also get a copy of the brochure, please fill out the form.